Machinery Belt Guards

BFW offers a line of standard machinery belt guards in various sizes and materials. Our guards are easily adapted to many applications requiring safety from moving pulleys, belts, and rotating equipment.

Various Applications Include: Air Compressors, Industrial Blower Units, Conveyor Applications, Power Transmission Equipment, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Custom Machines, and more.

Our standard machinery belt guards are two-piece box style machinery guards and are fabricated from laser cut 16 ga. steel with welded seams. All guards are shipped in a bare steel finish, or an optional durable powder coated finish is available for an additional charge.

Our guards incorporate a formed base frame section with an integrated rear vented panel. Slotted holes are provided on the bottom for mounting. The vented front cover incorporates the sides and top of the guard in one assembly, and conveniently bolts to the base/rear frame. This allows easier installation and unparalleled access to belts, pulleys, and rotating parts. All shaft holes will need to be field cut to fit your application.

Each customer will need to determine whether the construction of these guards meets their application needs for safety, maintenance and ease of installation. These guards are designed for protecting personnel from the normal hazards of rotating machinery.

These guards are NOT intended or designed to be ballistic guards, nor are they designed to protect against catastrophic failure of enclosed rotating parts.

Model # Length Height Width Material Bare Steel Price
30124 30″ 12″ 4″ 16 Ga. $318.95
30164 30″ 16″ 4″ 16 Ga. $336.95
30166 30″ 16″ 6″ 16 Ga. $355.95
36166 36″ 16″ 6″ 16 Ga. $375.95
36206 36″ 20″ 6″ 16 Ga. $394.95
42206 42″ 20″ 6″ 16 Ga. $413.95
42246 42″ 24″ 6″ 16 Ga. $448.95
48248 48″ 24″ 8″ 16 Ga. $483.95
52248 52″ 24″ 8″ 16 Ga. $535.95
70248 70″ 24″ 8″ 16 Ga. $610.95


EXTRA OPTIONS — Call for Pricing:

  • Laser Cutting of Shaft Holes – we can laser cut slots and holes for shafts for an additional charge; these holes and slots will need to be shown in a 3D CAD drawing format, such as a STEP file (.stp, .ste, .step); this extra service will slow down fabrication and delivery times
  • Aluminum construction from .120” aluminum sheet in mill finish
  • Stainless steel construction from 16 ga. 304 or 316 stainless steel in mill finish, or #4 brushed finish
  • Powder coat finishes are available for an additional charge

Custom Guards

If your application cannot use our standard machinery belt guards, BFW will work with you to create any guard you need for your application. Our staff is ready to design any style of guard to create a safe working area free from the hazards of your particular application. Whether it is a pharmaceutical stainless steel cover, or a structural guard used in a conveyor system, we can fabricate a guard for your specific need. There is an additional fee for design and CAD work.

These guards are NOT intended or designed to be ballistic guards, nor are they designed to protect against catastrophic failure of enclosed rotating parts.

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