Countertop Support Plate Brackets

Our company offers a complete line of standard countertop support brackets in a variety of sizes and materials. Our standard brackets are laser cut from A36 steel plate with (3) three mounting holes which are countersunk to accept #14 wood screws (not included). These brackets are mortised into a 2 x 4 support wall to create a smooth floating countertop look, and provide clear leg room underneath the countertop overhang.

Brackets are available in bare steel, allowing you to finish to your desired color, or in black satin powder coat finish. Powder coating provides a hard, durable, easy to clean finish which will last for years.

Additionally, we offer all of our standard brackets in 304 stainless steel with a #4 brushed grained finish for a more contemporary look.

If your application requires a unique set of brackets, we can custom fabricate any bracket to your specifications. Quantity discounts apply on orders over 100 pieces of identical brackets.

Part # Width Length Thickness Finish
CS3.75X10B 3.75 10 7 Ga. Bare Steel
CS3.75X14B 3.75 14 7 Ga. Bare Steel
CS4X12B 4.00 12 1/4″ Bare Steel
CS4X14B 4.00 14 1/4″ Bare Steel
CS4X16B 4.00 16 1/4″ Bare Steel
CS3.75X10PC 3.75 10 7 Ga. Black P.C.
CS3.75X14PC 3.75 14 7 Ga. Black P.C.
CS4X12PC 4.00 12 1/4″ Black P.C.
CS4X14PC 4.00 14 1/4″ Black P.C.
CS4X16PC 4.00 16 1/4″ Black P.C.
SS3.75X10 3.75 10 7 Ga. SS
SS3.75X14 3.75 14 7 Ga. SS
SS4X12 4.00 12 1/4″ SS
SS4X14 4.00 14 1/4″ SS
SS4X16 4.00 16 1/4″ SS

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